We do a lot of things really well.

Recycling & disposal services is our thing!

Garbage Bin Rentals
Our experienced disposal team is ready to collect your residential and commercial waste, so you don’t have to worry about making a trip to the landfill yourself. Learn more about our garbage bin rentals

Waste Reduction and Recycling Services
We don't just pick up, sort, and dispose of junk; we create waste management plans too. We show up, take a look at what you have, and create a plan for disposing of it safely and responsibly. So it declutters your life without adding clutter to the planet.

Hazardous Waste Assessment
We specialize in challenging clean ups, which means, if you have questionable materials – like banned substances, old drywall, paints, solvents, asbestos, needles/sharps – we can advise you on how to properly dispose of them and then actually do the work for you. See our pricing

Hoarding Clean-ups
We work with SROs and Property Management companies in the Downtown Eastside to help tenants who struggle with hoarding tendencies clean up. We are patient and understanding, and are well-versed in working with marginalized people to help them manage their spaces better.

Moves and Renovations
Moves can be messy. We help you get rid of what you no longer want, haul away what's left when tenants move out, and clear rooms pre- and post-renovations.

Infestation Removal
When critters show up, don't scream; call Fresh Start. We work in partnership with pest control companies to clear rooms, uncover infestations, and get rid of bed bugs, cockroaches, and rodents fast.

Waste Audits
If you're embarking on a LEED-certified project or are keen to know the impact of your company's waste management impact, Fresh Start can come in to review and breakdown your waste, then provide an analysis and recommendations to reduce impact.

Disaster Clean-up
Fires and floods leave hefty messes. The Fresh Start team comes in post-disaster to clean up the area, remove damaged rubbish, and prepare the site for the restoration company.

Oftentimes, great, reusuable, repurposeable items end up in the landfill because no one has the means to drop it off for donation. Before you put that couch in the trash, call Fresh Start. We know where items can be donated and can help you keep perfectly great goods out of the landfill. See how we recycling