Quote Big Brothers when you book!

Have Big Brother pick up your donations and get Fresh Start to pick up the rest. Quote Big Brothers when you book and Fresh Start will donate 1 Cent per pound to Big Brothers and give you a 10% Discount.

Why are we doing this?

Hiring people with employment barriers from the DTES is part of Fresh Start's business practice. As a business owner and resident of Vancouver Thomas feels he is in a unique position to try and help his community by providing gainful employment – a fresh start if you will to his neighbors.

Big Brothers mission is to support child and youth development through essential Volunteer-led mentoring programs. These programs are designed to give young people a great start in the hopes that they can have better lives.

Thomas has been a Big Brother and In-School Mentor since 2008 and last year won the
In-School Mentoring BIG of the Year. The award celebrates ONE In-School Mentor out of hundreds, as being an excellent volunteer, who goes above and beyond to support Big Brothers.

Thomas feels there is synergy between his volunteer work and his community goals with Fresh Start. To this end he decided that this year he wanted to take his contributions to the next level and work to raise funds for Big Brothers – an organization that he feels is invaluable to his Little Brother and the greater community.