You're going to like the way we do business.

When we started Fresh Start Recycling and Disposal in 2005, our goal was to create an honest, integral, community-boosting recycling and disposal services company in Vancouver, BC, that would be nice to the environment and provide unparalleled service to our clients. With stacks of thank you letters and scads of happy clients, we feel confident that we are hauling junk and affecting change in the very best way every day.

Here's what to expect when you work with Fresh Start:

Superb recycling and disposal services
We're not just a bunch of guys with a truck. We actually know garbage and recycling. We even love it (seriously).

Community-focused initiatives
Whether we're removing an old mattress from an upscale home in North Van or assisting clients who suffer from a wide range of behavioural or societal issues sort through their home in the DTES, all of our work centres on giving back and building community.

Planet-first processes
We have a three-step approach: Recycle, donate, then dispose. This keeps the garbage pile small, and the environmental impact minimal. We purposefully drive small trucks and follow Vancouver's no-idling rules rigidly. When we're not hauling, we commute on scooters. Every little bit counts!

Fresh experiences
Customer service is at the forefront of the Fresh Start experience. From the first phone call to the last haul, our aim is for you to feel understood, cared for, and absolutely thrilled.

A little bit of fun, too
We really like hauling, sorting, recycling, donating, and cleaning. Managing challenging situations is fun for us because we're good at it. Expect our team to always smile, converse, and engage. We like to have fun out there.