We'll Sort You Out

Isn't it time for your Fresh Start?

We are on vacation from April 29th until May 21st. Spain. Beautiful, sunny, phenomenal Spain. We will sort you out as soon as we return.

Fresh Start Recycling and Disposal Ltd.Fresh Start Recycling and Disposal Ltd. helps home owners, building managers, and construction contractors in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond and the North Shore to rid themselves of unwanted items.

And, because we believe in Reduce - Reuse - Recycle as much as you do, we limit the impact on the environment by contributing reusable items to charity and recycling as much as possible.

Using our truck and trailer combinations, we sort all material on site to determine what can be donated to charity, what can be recycled and what just has to go.

We're not the cheapest, but we don't pretend to be. When you pay peanuts, you get monkeys, they say. Our team is tight, we show up on time, we do the work requested, and we deliver more than you ask for. We recycle, we donate, and we make sure things get to the right place. For more on our small trucks and other environmental initiatives, see Working with Us or Contact us for our rates.

Proud member of the Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association.